We at Garage Door Repair in Greenwich have always been available to fix, replace, maintain and install garage doors, openers, parts and more. We fix doors, openers and hardware of all types, designs and brands. Our emergency service is fast and dependable. When the time for replacing the door and/or the opener comes, count on our team to do the job professionally in little time. You can leave the maintenance to us too.

Outstanding Services for Automatic Garage Doors

Strange squeaky sounds, difficult opening and closing and a stuck door are all signs that you need to have your spring fixed. The strange sounds reveal dry torsion spring and lubrication should be sufficient for dealing with the problem. When opening or closing has become harder, there is either too little or too much tension in the spring system. Let us adjust it for you. When the spring is broken and the door cannot be opened, you can readily use our emergency service to get replacement quickly.

Just like springs, openers don’t fail often. However, when they do, it will be impossible to open the door automatically and you will have to do it manually. There is a higher security risk too, unless you have a physical lock which you can use. Our specialists have the skills, tools and spare parts to fix openers of all types, models and brands. Whether there is a need for straightening the rail or for replacing the motor, you can rely on us completely.

install garage doors in GreenwichIn our work, we have seen a lot of small problems turning into nightmare simply because they haven’t been fixed on time. You think rust on the panels and on the bottom sections of the tracks isn’t a big deal, right? No, it’s not, but if it isn’t removed timely, the affected components can corrode and will need to be replaced. Don’t ignore red flags like strange sounds, damage and poor performance. Turn to us at Garage Door Repair in Greenwich to solve the problem. We can restore a damaged panel or track and take adequate measures for protection.

Even the best doors and openers have a fixed useful life. When it is over, replacement is inevitable. Let us make this process simple, smooth and quick for you. Our garage door replacement service includes everything from removing the old unit and installing the panels to adjusting the settings of the opener. You will get all the advice and support you need for choosing the right unit.

There is one proven way to make an automatic door last longer and it is maintenance. Our professional service is designed to give you more free time and to save you a great amount of effort and hassle. While we take care of lubrication and replacement of worn parts, you can relax and have fun with family and friends. Our goal is to keep the highest level of performance, safety and security at all times.