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3 Ways to Use the Garage for Valentines

This valentine's day, why not try something a little different? The garage can often be overlooked as just the room that houses the car. In fact however, your garage can be utilized for storage and the element of surprise. In this post we want to explain 3 ways you can take full advantage of your ga… Continue reading>


Choosing the Perfect Garage Door for Your Home

While opting to have an automatic garage door installed in your home is always a good move, it can be a little difficult for some to determine which system best suites the needs of themselves and their home. There is a wide range of products available when it comes to electric systems so it’s no s… Continue reading>

Advantages Of Automatic Garage Doors

Advantages Of Automatic Garage Doors

Folks all over the US have been seeking the many benefits of having an automated garage door opener installed in their homes for some time now. And as the technology behind these magnificent extensions to the home develops, so too does the interest in them. This is because they become more functiona… Continue reading>

Fixing a Garage Door That Won't Close

Fixing a Garage Door That Won’t Close

You push the button of the remote and the motor runs smoothly as usual, but the overhead garage door doesn’t close all the way. What could possibly be wrong with it? Let’s take a look at some of the most common causes to this problem and the solution required in each case. Reducing Spring Tensi… Continue reading>

A Closer Look at Torsion Springs

A Closer Look at Torsion Springs

You just need to look above your automatic garage door and you will see the torsion spring on a shaft. Indeed, most residential overhead doors use this type of spring rather than a pair of extension ones. It is one of the most important components of the automatic system because it provides the forc… Continue reading>


The Main Rules of Garage Door Maintenance

The maintenance of the automatic garage door goes well beyond spraying the torsion spring with a lubricant. It includes a range of tasks and each one is extremely important. When everything is done correctly, the risk of problems will be minimized. There is a set of simple rules to follow for gettin… Continue reading>

Making Improvements on Your Garage Door

Making Improvements on Your Garage Door

You appreciate that your automatic garage door works reliably, but wish it were better in many ways? Then don’t hesitate to make positive changes to it. The investment doesn’t have to be big, but you will enjoy greater benefits now and in the longer term. You can save money too. Here are some so… Continue reading>