Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs are an essential part of any automatic door. This is because they work to keep it properly balanced, while ensuring that they are properly supported, and there for safe to operate. Unfortunately, they do take damage from time to time, and this can come from a variety of sources. So if your springs are showing any stress marks, signs of failure, or have already become faulty, then now is the time to call for assistance from a technician.

Repair and Replacement

Having your springs replaced in good time might not seem like a crucial task, and this is because the function and condition of these components often go overlooked. Springs should always be installed in pairs to ensure that they take the load of your door evenly, enabling them to keep it properly balanced. Should even a single one should fail, it is good practice to it professionally replaced as soon as possible.

Oil Tempered door springs

For those who are looking for a more stable and long lasting spring solution, replacing your old and broken ones with oil tempered springs will ensure that your door is balanced and protected by a sturdier component. Oil tempered springs are far hardier than regular ones, and although they cost more, will function correctly for far longer.

Damage from rust and wear

Some of the most common sources of damage to garage door springs include the onset of rust, galvanic corrosion or simply wear and tear. Springs operate under immense pressure as they store torque to leverage your door, and this will eventually lead them to exhibit cracks and other stress marks, which should serve as a warning to their failure. Rust and galvanic corrosion which are caused by damp weather and contact with electrified metals respectively could also lead to their eventual breakdown.

Safe & Professional Garage Door Spring Replacement

So have your springs repaired or replaced by a technician from Garage Door Repair Greenwich. Call us and speak to one of our consultants today for further information, advice or a quotation.