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Can you imagine having to lift the garage door every time you go out and every time you come back home? Most people don’t realize how much time and effort the automatic system saves them until something goes wrong and it fails. The important thing is to resolve the problem as soon as you notice it – and for that you can always count on our team!

Repair Services

Since all components are connected, the timely resolution of an issue is paramount. If a cable snaps and isn’t replaced timely, the door may get tilted and bend or break the track. In this case, the repair will involve not only replacing the cable, but also fixing or changing the track. If small damage to the panels is not fixed immediately, it will grow ever bigger. Small areas of decay can be repaired by digging out the wet wood and replacing it with special filler. If the decay is left to spread, the whole panel will have to be replaced. (Read More)

Emergency Repairs

Any problem which prevents the door from opening or closing is an emergency. The quick resolution will eliminate a major safety and security risk. One of the most serious urgent problems is broken spring because it eliminates the possibility of opening the door even manually. The solution involves removing the broken pieces and installing the new component, which has to correspond to the weight and size of the door. With a torsion spring, in particular, accurate adjustment is crucial. (Read More)Our repair Services In Greenwich

Regular Maintenance

Even though there is always a risk of damage, it can be lowered to the possible minimum when all the door’s components receive proper care. The panels need cleaning and regular repainting no matter if they are made from wood or steel. With lubrication, the hardware parts will work smoothly and last longer. Of course, when they are worn, they should be replaced immediately. Both the opener and the spring need to be tested and readjusted, if the tests show deviations from the optimal performance. Another key task is inspection. If a problem is found, immediate repair is essential. (Read More)


Both extension and torsion springs counterbalance the door and provide the energy necessary for its opening. That is why they are specially chosen for the new door. You cannot have a new unit working with the old spring. Torsion springs are usually preferred for residential doors because if they hold more or less than the require energy, they can be readjusted. Extension springs, on the other hand, will typically require replacement. They are also more prone to coil damage and deformation. The only solution to such problems is to change the affected part. (Read More)


The motor unit is mounted under the ceiling and the rail connects it to the wall above the overhead door. The rail hosts the drive which is connected to the door via a trolley and a moving arm. Both the electronic and the hardware parts are made to last, but there is always the risk of damage and failure. Some of the most common problems are broken motor gear and broken trolley. They are solved with replacing the component. Less often, the motor or the circuit board will fail. Replacement is the most effective fix in such cases.

If you have any problem with your take advantage of our professional services any time. At Garage Door Repair in Greenwich, we fix springs, openers and doors of each and every brand or model that you can think of. All of our spare parts are of top quality. Our team is also available to replace the whole door or opener when necessary.

Gate Repair Services

When your gate’s hinges, motor or intercom system fails, have it restored with our professional gate repair services. From hinge welding to intercom repair, we’ve got you covered!