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Strange sounds? Slow opening and closing? Constant reversal? Our professionals at Garage Door Repair in Greenwich are here to take care of any problem you have with the door, opener and springs. We are readily available to provide fast emergency assistance when the problem is urgent and offer same day services. Our technicians are highly experienced, and always travel with the best spare parts coming from the most popular brands. No matter what you need, when it comes to garage doors we’ve got you covered!

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Repair Services

Since all components are connected, the timely resolution  of an issue is

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Emergency Repairs

Any problem which prevents the door from opening or closing is an emergency

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Regular Maintenance

Even though there is always a risk of damage, it can be lowered to the possible

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The Best in Repairs

Unfortunately garage doors can malfunction because over trivial things such as a broken component inside the motor unit or because of dry rollers. The good news is that there are no hidden problems, meaning if there’s something wrong, you’ll be able to tell. Our job is to respond and to come to the rescue as fast as possible in order to take care of the issue. You can be rest assured that no matter what the problem is, our technician is equipped for the job in terms of tools, spare parts of high quality, and of course the knowledge and experience to fix any issue safely and professionally. From replacing opener motors to worn weather seals, consider your problem fixed!

The Fastest in Emergencies

Emergencies are not common with modern automatic doors, but this doesn’t mean that they never happen. Broken spring and malfunctioning openers are among the most urgent problems simply because they make the door immovable. The main safety precaution which you need to take is to stay away from the door. We, at Garage Door Repair in Greenwich, will take care of the rest. Count on us to replace extension and torsion springs of all sizes and designs quickly and safely. All of our replacement parts are of top quality and boast with great durability. Opener repair typically involves replacing a faulty component. It could be the trolley, gear or the motor itself. No matter what the emergency is, we will get there as fast as possible!
At one point, it is time for a major change. If the door is too old or has too many problems for a repair to be cost-efficient, you can get a new one. Let us install it for you to ensure that all parts will be in their right places and that the unit will operate as they should right from the start. We complete replacement and installation projects in little time. You will get all the professional help which you need for selecting the new door. If you want a new garage door opener with or without a new door, we can install it for you fast. Mounting the motor unit and the connection of the hardware parts properly are the key tasks here along with the adjustment of the travel limits and the force.

What kind of care does the automatic door need? Checks, tests, cleaning and lubrication are among the main tasks involved. If you don’t have the time to take good care of your system, let us do it for you. Our maintenance service is designed to keep all components in perfect condition and to minimize the risk of issues.


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