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Is your door giving you some hard time? Don't worry, we'll set it straight; figuratively and literally. If your rollers pop out of the track, the springs look like they're about to break, or some part of your opener is causing it to malfunction, we'll be there to quickly fix things. Check out the following projects to learn more.

Roller Replacement Near Greenwich, CT

Roller Replacement

Customer Issue: Mr. Stanley had many appointments to tend to, but his suddenly slowing garage door hindered his coming and going.
Our Solution: We believed that either the rollers or the track of Mr. Stanley’s garage door had likely started to break down from age, causing it to slow. After inspecting both, our team found the rollers were, in fact, rusted and crumbling. We opened the tracks to remove each roller and replace it with a new one. Once they had all been taken care of, our technicians confirmed the door slipped along the tracks without resistance.

Pablo Stanley - Greenwich
Sensor Alignment | Stamford | Greenwich, CT

Sensor Alignment

Customer Issue: The customer’s automatic garage door kept opening again after descending only a few inches, which usually means a safety sensor misalignment.
Our Solution: The garage door’s sensors were out of place vertically as well as horizontally. This meant they needed to be unscrewed entirely for leveling and alignment before the LED’s went on and the automatic garage door functionality was quickly returned to normal.

Bernard Forenzen - Stamford
Opener Installation | Rye Brook | Garage Door Repair Greenwich, CT

Opener Installation

Customer Issue: Mr. Fontaine’s new home came with a garage door, but no opener. He wanted to automate the process of opening and closing his overhead door, so he contacted us for help.
Our Solution: The ever popular LiftMaster 8500 garage door opener model appealed to the customer thanks to its compact size and lack of complicated external drive features, and his door had a compatible torsion system. Installation was easy, and the team programmed it alongside a Genie-LM remote three button remote handset.

Max Fontaine - Rye Brook
Garage Door Off Track | Garage Door Repair Greenwich, CT

Garage Door Off Track

Customer Issue: Bends in the track.
Our Solution: As a result of the malfunction, the door had gotten stuck slightly open, so we started by securing it in place first. We then repaired the bent track section which had caused the issue, and then realigned it with the rollers. Afterwards, we operated the mechanism a few times just to be sure all the other parts were ok.

Ron Hangwan - Greenwich
Spring Replacement | Garage Door Repair Greenwich, CT

Spring Replacement

Customer Issue: Worn out springs about to break.
Our Solution: A quick inspection revealed the condition of the torsion springs to be terribly close to complete failure, so we immediately released their tension and removed them from the shaft. After installing the new units, we balanced the door and opened and closed it a few times to ensure everything was working correctly.

Chris Harmon - Port Chester
Cable Replacement | Garage Door Repair Greenwich, CT

Cable Replacement

Customer Issue: Cable got caught on the door's interior lock.
Our Solution: The first thing we did was disconnect the cable completely and then wind it back over the drum, making sure it fit into the right grooves properly. Then we removed the lock and reinstalled it somewhere it won't cause this type of malfunction again.

Carla Steinberg - Greenwich
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